THE SHOCK OF WAR - Tunbridge Wells in the First World War
edited by John Cunningham

Monograph No. 13. Published Nov 2014.
ISBN No: 978-0-9560944-8-4

Price: 9.95

This latest Monograph is not about the First World War as such, but about Tunbridge Wells in the First World War what it was like before; what it was like during; and to what extent it changed afterwards. How the town, with a population of 36,000 which was 60% women, with 40% of them working; and with a wellabove average number of retired people, coped for four years with the War itself and with the influx of nearly 10,000 soldiers in training, or in transit, or recuperating from their wounds in the 17 VAD military hospitals. A5 format. 290 pp. 175 illustrations.

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